Givand Recruiting Services
Where Service and Efficiency Meet
You have been unsuccessful in registering on-line with the large recruiting agencies, or have been unable to speak directly with a recruiter.
When you contact GRS, we will jointly assess your credentials along with your professional aspirations. With these established, we will review the current jobs available and determine which ones best suit your needs. GRS will then submit your credentials to the firm or company and coordinate all interview and meeting schedules for you. Once an offer is extended, GRS will help you with any last minute issues to finalize the placement. GRS promises full confidentiality, complete on-going disclosure on your placement status, and dedicated involvement in the advancement of your professional goals.
How Does The Process Work?
Why Choose Givand Recruiting Services?
The process has been too slow in identifying appropriate job opportunities for you.
You are frustrated in dealing with recruiters who do not have the legal background to effectively discuss your credentials and long-term career goals.
GRS believes in a direct and personal approach to recruiting. Once GRS receives your resume, a recruiter will contact you promptly to discuss your needs, and this same individual will serve as your point-of-contact throughout the entire job search process.
At GRS you will be speaking with an attorney who has the legal background to understand the subtleties of your professional needs, and the experience in dealing with the top law firms to successfully assist you in meeting your goals.
With a single point-of-contact and the legal background, your time will not be wasted "educating" a recruiter or pursuing opportunities which are poor matches. This is how GRS can promise you a higher level of service and efficiency.
Best of all... this service is entirely free to you!